Mad (Barbie and) Ken

Now I absolutely adore Mad Men. I love everything about it, the characters, the era, the style – Christina Hendricks is wonderful, Don Draper is a brilliant character but I’m actually quite amused by this. To coincide with the fourth series they’re actually doing Mad Men dolls – Created by Mattel who obviously do Ken and Barbie.

I wonder if they come complete with Lucky Strikes too?

But more luckily for us, costume designer Janie Bryant is designing an actual fashion collection! For QVC, Mod by Janie Bryant is a 20-piece range that I may soon be owning at least 15 of. Items include Faux fur leopard print coats, pillbox hats, a raspberry satin swing coat, chain handbags and a variety of pin brooches.

It’s due to launch on September 29 but a few items will be available from next month. Prices range from $28-$138 (add on shipping to UK as at present will only be available in US).

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