Michael Kors trailblazes in the name of comfort

Who says that comfort is a necessary sacrifice when dressing to impress? Not Michael Kors, who reckons that avant-garde design shouldn’t be at the expense of practicality and comfort – now he tells us?!

“I never cottoned on to the idea of people having this intimidation about Europe. Women say, ‘I wish I was French! They know how to tie scarves!’. Do we have the history and sophistication of Europe? No. But as much as everyone can sit in Paris and die over the experimentation, everyone is dying to take off their uncomfortable shoes, and they’re all wearing casual separates,” said Kors. “Sportswear! American designers! I do feel a little responsible to be a flag-waver not just for what I do but for what American fashion stands for. Comfortable is not a dirty word.”

Kors won the Council of Fashion Designers of America Lifetime Achievement award earlier this year, and maybe that’s affected his ego. Just a little bit…

“My job is to figure it out for you,” he told New York Magazine. “I have to guess what you want before you want it. What I do is answer problems. I have a date. I’m going to lunch with a bunch of women, I’m 42, and I don’t want to look like my daughter, but I don’t want to look like my mum.”

Ha, I love it, great character.

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