Keep on Truckin’

Anything that’s custom always has such a special feel to it – and ever since the other half discovered Redshift Rebels I’ve been a big fan.

Their main exponents are trucker-style hats but the twist? Every single one is custom-stenciled, hand-finished and created by some of the most exciting and well-known graffiti artists in the UK today. Forget buying a collectable bit of art, wear it on your head!

Every Redshift product is hand-sprayed by an artist and available in a strictly limited edition run of 20 caps. And to make sure you’re in no doubt that you’re one of a select few wearing your headgear, each is marked with a comic-style ‘edition’ label:
‘Prototype’ – the most exclusive RR cap – the first in any run.
‘Direct Edition’ – one of the limited edition 20-cap run.

‘2nd Print’ – From time to time, Redshift re-release a cap from their archive. But don’t worry if you were one of the originals – your label sets you apart from 2nd Print ‘Johnny Come Lately’ crowd.

Scroobius Pip is one of the heads currently donning the caps and safe to say I think a few more will be soon. You can check out their wares at

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