Gaga’s Meat Fetish

I bloody knew it!

Not long after coming across her Vogue shoot in Japan that got PETA a bit riled up, Lady Gaga had to make sure the whole world knew about her latest fashion…. well I’d like to say atrocity, but it’s not even that. It’s just beyond the point of bizarre and just silly now.

Of course, we’re talking about the VMA awards and not the ridiculous amount of gongs she took for her musical talents, but rather the fact she had a dress made from raw meat.


Ugh, but then again, it’s what they’ve been doing on the catwalks for decades. I guess Gaga’s just bringing it to award ceremonies and chat shows

The dress – made by Franc Fernandez – was accessorised with a clutch and boots, also made from raw meat. Her stylist – Nicola Formichetti – has just been named creative director of Thierry Mugler

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