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Pop-In to some Pop-Ups

November sees a series of Pop-up events presented by Such and Such at their 105 Brunswick Street studio. Every weekend a different artist, designer or collective will take over the space and make it their own. You are invited to see the results, pop in to one of the pop-ups!

Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th November sees Judy R Clark’s installation of artefacts and illustrations to give a ‘behind the scenes’ look to her coveted womenswear designs.

Working mainly with Scottish wools, Harris Tweed and lace embellishments, Judy R Clark, nominated designer of the year 2009, will showcase her finished garments as well as giving us an insight into her research and design processes. A bespoke tailoring service will be available throughout the weekend.

And this week’s bizarrest news…

The Hells Angels are suing Alexander McQueen.

Yep, somehow the Hells Angels and the McQueen label have become embroiled in legal warfare after McQueen apparently ‘misused’ their winged death heads symbol.

A complaint was filed against McQueen on Monday by the Hells Angels Motorcycle Corporation (HAMC) stating the label has breached trademark protection rules. HAMC cites a four-finger knuckle duster ring and a women’s handbag, which both carry the winged death motif.

“From decades of notoriety, the HAMC marks have acquired very widespread public recognition, consequently they evoke strong and immediate reactions whenever used,” the complaint states. “The impact of these marks is virtually incomparable, and as a result they have great commercial value.”

Quite funny how such rebels have their own corporation…

Ironically, this comes off the back of news McQueen are upset that Harry Potter costume designer Jany Timime ripped off a dress earlier this week.

Circle of life?

Winterwear from Yours Clothing

Yours are fast becoming one of my favourite brands for plus size clothing, maybe it’s just me, but Evans goes a bit OTT at times (as amazing as the Beth Ditto collection was). Yours are definitely proving to be a viable alternative though with their new winterwear range

Check it our at

The final Kate Moss Topshop Collection

Highly exciting… Check it out here..


Manhattan Portage

Hmm, part of me thinks I like this mainly for the cool name, but the bags are kinda cool too.

When you first see this range, you think it might be a bit ‘practicality over fashion’, but considering functionality seems to be primary, they’re some nice looking bags.

Of course, you can’t knock functionality either! What I like I think is that fact that the brand isn’t in any doubt over what it is, it’s not trying to be something it’s not – as embodied by their philosophy – A bag for everyone… Works no?

DJ Bags, laptop bags, a safeplace for important documents, iPads… These are the things you don’t necessarily want a D&G tag hanging off, rather a stylish bag that actually does the job and doesnt cost you yours.

Get the Lego look

Remember these?

LEGO® rings by Lisa Taylor £50 exclusively at Selfridges

The LEGO Group is launching a funky limited edition ring that is sure to be on every stylish girl’s wish list this festive season. The iconic toy brand has been developed into these must-have interchangeable LEGO® rings by designer Lisa Taylor, marking the first official LEGO jewellery line.

As cool as these may look, I find it slightly uncomfortable the idea of paying that much for something that traditionally you pay a couple of quid for… But then again I guess that’s the chic-ness of it all

The sterling silver rings will retail for £50 exclusively at Selfridges from 28th October and will be sold with two interchangeable LEGO brick designs, available in over 15 colour options. Lisa Taylor will also be producing 23 LEGO ‘charms’ to accessorise the ring, which will retail from £15 to £20 and feature fun and festive designs including Christmas trees and flowers.

Lisa Taylor said, “As with most kids, I loved LEGO bricks and so it’s thrilling to now be working with such an iconic brand to launch the world’s first official LEGO jewellery range. My inspiration came from stumbling across some LEGO earrings at Camden Market. I thought they were a great idea but wished they were better quality. After much research I arrived at the final product, a solid silver ring with interchangeable LEGO bricks and unique charms. Luckily, LEGO loved it as much as I did.”

Paal Smith-Meyer, head of new business for the LEGO Group said, “We’re excited to launch this jewellery line beautifully designed by Lisa Taylor with Selfridges. The designs celebrate individual expression with the interchangeable colours and charms, presented in a playful way. The rings use the LEGO bricks that we all grew-up with, in a fun new style that will be a real hit this winter.”

Head to Selfridges on the 28th October to bag yourself one.

The 35 quid dress Celebs can’t wait to get their hands on

Yep, you guessed it, Pearl Lowe and Peacocks strike again…

After several of the country’s leading newspaper and magazine fashion editors wore the vintage-style tea dress to London and New York fashion weeks, celebrities began contacting the High Street store wanting to buy one.

So far Natalie Imbruglia and Sharlene Spiteri have jumped in quick while Courtney Love has been pleading on Twitter for a dress to be sent over to her in New York..

And last week television presenter Holly Willoughby wore it live on This Morning after waiting several weeks for one in her size….

In more believable news, it’s the first time in the 135 year history anything from Peacocks has been in demand… Got yours yet?

It’s like the furby all over again…