Late Night Vintage Pop Up Shop!

Daniel Lismore & Josh Quinton sat down one night at a bus stop. They were talking to one of their friends who was still in their work clothes so felt she could not come out with us. She said “I could shop for an outfit now! Why do shops close so early? Why do you have to shop in the day?” So this is what they came up with…

Late night shopping for Vintage, costume & designer clothing for men, women and the in between. All sizes. In London’s hottest nightclubs.

Sounds pretty cool no? The clothes are a bargain – the most expensive thing you’ll buy will probably be £20 while you’d pay £60 in a vintage shop. The stock is picked especially for the club night while Josh and Daniel add their own pieces in too.

Lismore who owns a lot of vintage designer outfits will be putting some of his own pieces in from his iconic wardrobe from the days of being a male model to some of his avant-garde walking artworks. Why? Because he has 4 storage units full of clothes taking up too much space which he needs for his every changing array of outfits.

Plus you get served by fashionable hot girls, transsexuals and club kids, amazing!

They hold an event every Thursday at Punk while also being at Avalon in Shoreditch once a month, 9pm til 1:30. The definition of late night shopping!

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