Braille S/S11 – Colt

Braille introduces their Spring/Summer 2011 collection, Colt, inspired by the modernist design of Palm Springs juxtaposed with the naturallandscape of Agua Caliente Canyon. Braille’s second collection, it reflects the mountainous, desert landscape of the region the collection is best translated in the contours of the pleated Blazers, Jackets and Rain Coat, sculpting the torso and leaving a light and lean lower half.

Luminescent tweeds give visibility to the night explorer, whilst maintaining elegance and subtlety. Shirts in sheer cotton in sun-faded shades of husk, loosely reference the palm tree oasis. Waxed cotton outerwear was used to protect from heavy rain and extended sleeve plackets to ease motion for the adventurous and active gentlemen.

After ‘ A Gentle Wake’ had so much success, this latest collection s highly anticipated.

To celebrate the launch of their new online store,Braille screened a film of the collection. The film was shown throughout London Fashion Week on a mobile cinema that was making it’s way around the capital. The film was directed to show of the collection’s modernist lines, clean cuts and natural desert hues. For the film, Sam and Ben created four additional showpieces made from the scraps of the collection. This included the creation of a silk/hemp fabric which was manipulated to reflect a texture of raindrops which was then hand dyed and waxed to form a tiered raincoat. The design duo also created an offset checkered board blazer assembled with rectangles of Wolf Fish leather and Luminescent tweed.

Have a look for yourself at

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