Stupid Tees…

Not my words! Rather those of the ever-quirky guys at David & Goliath, makers of self-confessed stupid tees. Don’t be so hard on yourself boys!

Especially after their latest project where they’re teaming up with the Hauser Bears charity. They’re putting their premium apparel, individual sense of humor and funky illustrations to philanthropic use and created a new range of t-shirts for the charity.

25% of the retail price raised from these fun modish tees will go directly to the Hauser Bears charity and help their amazing work, which strives to improve the lives and welfare of bears around the world.

First launched in London Fashion Week at the ‘Once Upon A Time’ show, hosted by Gail Porter, these funky new t-shirts are available in a great range of colours and sizes and are printed with a variety of original humorous slogans and illustrations using quality fabrics, playfully incorporating the beautiful animal that these t-shirts and this charity are helping phrases such as – “Kiss My Bear Ass” and “Show Me The Honey”, now available online from the David and Goliath website.

So bad they’re good… Check them out at, or find out about the good cause

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