Eliza Doolittle talks Fashion

I absolutely adore Eliza Doolittle, I remember being at her single launch upstairs at the Enterprise in Chalk Farm just a few months ago, and already she’s fast become the nation’s sweetheart.

It’s surely coming as no surprise either that she’s already got her sights set on conquering the fashion world too – her eclectic throwback style is already a signature look that many of us are craving.

“Music and fashion go hand in hand and I always try to dress my best,” she says. “I’d love to try modelling and work with brands I like and try a campaign that’s really right for me – anything that involves Mark Fast, Vivienne Westwood or Moschino. I love all of those brands.”

“I just want to be myself,” Doolittle told Vogue. “It’s annoying being compared to other artists. I think that always happens to new female singers – perhaps it’s quite an easy thing to do.

What’s not easy however is keeping up a groomed look 24/7…

“People try and glam me up but that’s not me,” she says. “I like to have my hair naturally and much prefer a look that isn’t too try hard. It’d all go tits up otherwise!”

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