numbernine… Are you in the know?

Every Thursday until the 16th December between 5pm-7pm the exclusive secret designer shop ‘numbernine’ is opening it’s doors to all those ‘in the know’.

The rules are simple: send an email quoting ‘numbernine’ to book an appointment for you and your friends!

A treat for you, or a one-off Christmas present for someone special, numbernine caters for both men and women, and gifts start from as low as £10 and go as high as £3,000, so there’s quite a selection

Offering a unique range of one off designer garmets and accessories including jewellery, millinery, shoes and handbags, not to mention vintage cake-stands, beautiful artwork and much much more …

Designers include Todd Lynn, Julian J Smith, Jasper Garvida and Marjan Pejoski to name a few!

Don’t get a chance like this every day to shop like a celeb – make the most of it!

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