And this week’s bizarrest news…

The Hells Angels are suing Alexander McQueen.

Yep, somehow the Hells Angels and the McQueen label have become embroiled in legal warfare after McQueen apparently ‘misused’ their winged death heads symbol.

A complaint was filed against McQueen on Monday by the Hells Angels Motorcycle Corporation (HAMC) stating the label has breached trademark protection rules. HAMC cites a four-finger knuckle duster ring and a women’s handbag, which both carry the winged death motif.

“From decades of notoriety, the HAMC marks have acquired very widespread public recognition, consequently they evoke strong and immediate reactions whenever used,” the complaint states. “The impact of these marks is virtually incomparable, and as a result they have great commercial value.”

Quite funny how such rebels have their own corporation…

Ironically, this comes off the back of news McQueen are upset that Harry Potter costume designer Jany Timime ripped off a dress earlier this week.

Circle of life?

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