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X Factor Style Wars – Black Monday

Yes, tis a sad day now Wagner’s gone and Simon Cowell’s gone from likeable to smug again with one simple ‘some people were trying to sabotage this competition’ speech.

Other things I learned. Justin Bieber’s voice hasn’t broken and he’s 16 and Simon thinks Louis’s hair has gone purple (true).

But anyway, whoever Danni pays to dress her still does a much better job than whoever dresses Cheryl. Nice enough choice on Saturday as usual ruined on Sunday.

Maybe it’s the M&S deal

Idol launch their first menswear collection with New Look

Idol exclusively launch their first Menswear Collection with High Street giant New Look. The Idol collection combines the attitude of vintage rock ‘n’ roll with the quality and longevity of bespoke, hand-crafted fashion, bringing an exuberant, effortless East London feeling to the New Look shopper. The range features understated looks with a slightly distressed edge.

The collection comprises of eight strong tees in a number of directional colour-ways. Each piece is embroidered with the distinctive Idol two-sword

cross emblem. T-Shirts are available in round and V-neck, with a selection featuring the signature raw edge, hand slash finish and chain detail. Graphics are key to the look of the brand consisting of musically inspired prints including ‘Smash It Up England’, ‘Death By Stereo’ and ‘Too Fast To Love’.

Smart, slim fit, minimalist polo tees with contrast trim are essential to every Idol guy’s wardrobe. Cotton shirts are engineered with a wire collar that can be accentuated by pulling-up and staying-up and come in black, white and thin pin-stripe. The stretch skinny black jean, with branded gun metal Idol zip pullers and buttons and printed pocket lining is a staple piece.

Dolan at Kailique…

Dolan is now available at online clothing boutique Kailique that is looking to bring some laidback Californian style to all parts of the UK. Like Dolan, all of Kailique’s exclusive offerings are created locally in L.A. and San Francisco.

Dolan’s approach to dressing is pretty simple: wear what you love. Dolan believe every woman should have clothes that make her feel the most like her, on her best days, and their mission is to perfect the balance between practicality and indulgence.

Created by Jodie Dolan and Hillary Justin, the Dolan line specialises in whimsical, modern approaches to wardrobe classics, with a focus on using high quality fabrics and easy but inventive tailoring.
As Jodie explains, she was inspired by the feel-good effects of good design. “Great design transforms your mood and energy,” she says.

The result is a womenswear line that is an expression of synergies and contradictions: effortlessly sexy, classically original and playfully confident, making Dolan a US boutique favourite from coast to coast.
Included in their Autumn/Winter collection are items perfect for the harsh European colder months, such as a gorgeous reversible Fringe Poncho and Faux Fur Vest – to see more from the collection head over to Kailique now!

Style Alert! As in lack of…

Oh Mischa… We know it’s been a rough couple of years but you don’t help yourself do you

Not a good look

The £30 dress that Kate wooed William with…

While I am incredibly bored with this wedding lark already, I am quite happy at the four day weekend it has created.

But anyway, back to fashion. Apparently this would be the dress that William fell for Kate in

Not the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen but seemed to do the trick for the prince…

But the story here is that this is now valued at 100k…

Now I get it it’s a bit of a novelty item for a charity bash (it’s meant to be a skirt) but 100k? Who buys these things!

Christmas Cheer!

Cheer because we’re doing the work for you!

How’s this for a gift idea for him: Hand-sewn and stylish from Neosens

Hits and Misses from the 2010 AMA’s

Brought to you from Stateside and featuring my new favourite person, Nicki Minaj. Her style is just fantastic, a weird cross between Lady Gaga and Rihanna, but loving the look and loving the music!

Can’t say I know what Willow Smith is wearing, but that’s definitely a maternity dress from Pink!