MET Jeans… My latest discovery!

I may be falling in love with these jeans – For all the years of squeezing into ridiculous size jeans and putting aesthetics over comfort, comfort’s finally making it’s way back.

Italian brand MET is already a favourite with the stars out in the US, MET is offering beautifully cut pieces in the highest-quality materials as well as denim staples in both skinny and 1970s flare in the lightest of denim.

With an eclectic mix of looks from scalloped micro shorts, high-waisted culottes, draped dresses, lace tops, flower prints and a little 1970s nostalgia the collection offers a perfect way to transition from cold, dark months into sunnier ones.

“The truest reflection of the brand’s heritage is the sense of a story being told” says MET designer Gege Schiena about the spirit of SS2011.

Check out their London store – they stock in Harrod’s too…

2 responses to “MET Jeans… My latest discovery!

  1. where an i found met jeans sore in london i need adrees and phone # pleas

    • Hi Noor

      Great choice! I LOVE MET jeans!

      In London they can be purchased at Harrods or at the MET Shop in Milner Street, Chelsea.

      Hope that helps!

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