Be One with Nature…

It’s not quite saving the trees, but it is wearing them!

Eco Wood Rings, fronted by Steve Sutherland, is a new eco-conscious company bringing exceptional hand crafted wood ring designs to the UK. A naturally guilt free opportunity to treat yourself to something beautiful, or for that extra-special gift for a birthday or anniversary.

Eco Wood Rings uses raw materials such as salvaged wood or metals to craft its jewellery – so don’t worry, they’re not chopping down new trees, rather recycling for an eco-friendly effort. Introducing the work of US craftsman Gustav Reyes to the UK, Gustav’s designs have been created from sentimental items such as a baseball bat and even the leg of a high chair; stunning jewellery with personal meaning. Conscious of fashioning one-of-a-kind rings as well as supporting the environment, Eco Wood Rings provides customers with a highly bespoke service in the creation of beautiful jewellery as well as offering some standard rings.

Steve Sutherland, founder of Eco Wood Rings admits to being totally clueless about rings and diamonds when he decided to propose to his girlfriend Laura. Amazed by store prices and limited personal touch, Steve talked with his soon-to-be Best Man and decided that buying a diamond just wasn’t right for him or for Laura. Steve explains: “It wasn’t purely a financial issue, but also an ethical one. I did some research into diamonds, and was shocked by the stories I read of diamonds coming out of conflict zones.” Whilst looking for an alternative more in tune with his values, Steve discovered the work of US craftsman Gustav Reyes. Remembering a sentimental trip to Spain and a romantic walk through oak trees, Steve decided on a ring created from a piece of Spanish Oak. Laura accepted Steve’s proposal of marriage and Eco Wood Rings was born.

Over centuries rings have been regarded as incredibly symbolic and significant, while Egyptians believed that the ring finger contained a special vein that was connected directly to the heart and that placing a ring there symbolised an ultimate commitment, the Romans claimed ownership of their women by the offering of a ring. Thankfully today we are less ritualistic when it comes to wearing jewellery and an Eco Wood Ring is the perfect way to treat yourself to something meaningful, beautiful and supportive of the environment.

A natural choice, the earthy warmth of wood makes it an amazingly versatile material for a ring. The unavoidably romantic character of each Eco Wood Ring is as unique as one’s fingerprints, with every tiny line, or indeed ‘ring’ in the wood telling its own story. Eco Wood Rings brings a whole range of intricate and sophisticated jewellery, including stunning pieces with hints of turquoise or jade, all inspired by nature.

Certainly has a fascinating story behind it…

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