Amphibious Shoes

I’m guessing Italy gets as much rain this time of year as we usually do, hence the latest ‘innovation’ in shoewear – totally waterproof and breathable shoes.

Now I know what you’re thinking. We have those. They’re called Wellies. Well, difference here is they actually don’t make you look like some kind of woods-wandering buffon lost in the big city.

Not what you’d expect waterproof shoes to look like huh? The new “Made in Geox” products protect feet from wet weather, while enabling excess moisture to evaporate out of the shoe completely: this renders the shoes healthier and more comfortable, even in critical conditions such as rain, mud or snow. So now it’s just the bottom of your trousers you need to worry about getting drenched…

The Amphibiox collection is out now for AW10

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