Pimp your wrist!

The lovely people at Time2 know how hard it is at this time of year: all those parties, you can’t wear the same outfit twice… And after Xmas shopping empties your purse the the thoughts of treating yourself to a bit of bling go out the window.

But don’t despair! Help is at hand (and no, not from Santa – he has enough to do already) via this amazing competition!

What you need to do is to post a picture of you and your current timepiece on Time2′s facebook page or twitter saying ‘Pimp my watch!‘ along with a few words about why you’d like a new one (you’ve been offered a role in a hip hop video/ your mum looks cooler than you at the moment/ you want to impress a date) and Time2 will give one lucky winner NOT ONLY a spanking new watch from their Guess range BUT ALSO two hundred quid to spend in Selfridges to bag yourself an outfit to match! How cool is that?

You have until Dec 16th to do this… so get snapping!

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