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Victoria Beckham moving to NYC for fashion










A friend of mine who’s close the Beckhams tells me that they aren’t crazy about Hollywood, but is the sexy power couple dreaming about taking a bite of the Big Apple?

David, Victoria, and their three sons are eyeing a move to New York City as Victoria plans to expand her fashion empire to the States! The couple currently lives in London with homes in the South of France. Now, they’re rumored to be looking for a home in Manhattan.

We hear Victoria told a friend, “My work is so important to me and LA just isn’t a real fashion city.”

Kanye West gives Nicki Minaj fashion advice

She has a great name and some great fashion trends but who would have thought her fashion advice was coming from Mr West!?

Nicki Minaj has a new mentor and one that gives her advice on more than just music and lyrics. Nicki Minaj stated that Kanye West has become a mentor to her, including doling out fashion advice.

Minaj dished to RWD magazine and had this to say, “He’s become my mentor, he gives me advice, he hits me, he takes random pictures off-line and says ‘Oh this is a good picture of you’. He’s really into fashion so he’s a good person to have a well-rounded conversation with,” reports Examiner.

This might come as a shocker to most, but given West’s knack for dressing sharp, it’s understandable. Do you know any other rapper who has had a shoe collaboration with Louis Vuitton? I didn’t think so, Minaj and West could even form their own fashion forward posse and name it something ridiculous.

Hilary Swank to launch own fashion line

So another Oscar-winning actress  is set to foray into the  fashion world. Hmnmmmm.
Hilary Swank has teamed up with DMA Designers Management Agency to develop a concept for an athletic apparel range, reports femalefirst .

DMA co-founder Marc Beckman says Swank originally wanted to launch a t-shirt line that “provided motivation and inspiration”. But due to her background as a gymnast, she wanted it to have a more sporty feel.

“Our platform is a contemporary, outdoor, ath-leisure brand,” he added.

I will wait to see the line before I start with the “Actresses should stick to acting!” nag!

The ups and downs of 2010

It has been a particularly dramatic year for fashion with many moments that made me happy, but equally as many sad moments.

Vogue summarise the ups and downs of 2010:

Fashion mourned the loss of the great Lee Alexander McQueen this year, following his death in February, with a poignant memorial service at St Paul’s Cathedral.












The last collection created by him took to the Paris catwalk just weeks after his death, but by the next McQueen show his long-time friend and colleague Sarah Burton was at the helm, reassuring us that McQueen – the brand – would live on. Also this year, legendary photographer Corinne Day lost her battle with cancer, but there were also happier moments.

On the catwalk, the British girls led the way, as Phoebe Philo at Celine, Hannah MacGibbon at Chloe and Stella McCartney introduced us to the new minimalism. Off the catwalk, we lusted after Alber Elbaz’s high street debut, as Lanvin came to H&M.

Naomi Campbell’s Fashion For Relief event united the great and good of the fashion world for a worthy cause, whilst Fashion’s Night Out – and its brand new online counterpart Fashion’s Night In – urged us to shop for one day to buoy the international economy.

Roll on 2011!


One day left guys to get the special someone in your life the perfect gift – Footstickers!

Described as a footwear design concept by Dutch product designer Frieke Severs that aims to take advantage of the many benefits of bare feet sporting: “better motion control, more feeling in your feet and direct floor contact.”

Premier League fashion Disasters!

You would think with all the money footballers earn they would be able to pay someone to give them some fashion advice!

Check out some of these howlers.


The above is Manchester City striker Barwuah Balotelli. He was caught on camera sporting a knitted woolly hat that looked like a giant glove-shaped teacosy – as if experimenting with fashion had literally gone to his head.

Okay, I admit I might be being a little bit harsh here but Bolotelli was also caught wearing this unattractive black leggings. I know it’s cold but have some style. Please!

Lastly we have Adam Johnson of Manchester City wearing snow boots before a game against Everton. There wasn’t even any snow on the ground! Baffling.

Skins on MTV Asks Fans for Real Fashion Tips

I absolutely adore Skins which i was more than a bit hesistant when I heard that the show is being “adapted” and made into an American show for MTV.

I feel slightly better in that we are being given a chance to dress two of the characters.

As taken from an MTV press release:

“The hit British teen series SKINS is being adapted for American audiences, and it’s coming to MTV on Monday Jan. 17 at 10/9C. From now through 12/31, you can create a unique “SKINS look” for either Michelle or Tony’s character. Remember, SKINS is real. So forget all those super high-end labels that no one can afford.

The 20 looks that get the most love will be featured on From there, the actors themselves, along with Series Costume Designer, Edward K. Gibbon, will choose the best look for each character. The two winners will attend the SKINS premiere party in NYC on Jan. 15 and will style Rachel or James for the night. Winners will also receive a $1k shopping spree each from the Diesel clothing store on Park Avenue, New York. So get styling and go to on Jan. 10 to see whose fashion sense pays off.”

Come on Brits, make sure the fashion is kept British and funky!!