Almost Famous goes Cosmic

Almost Famous’s SS11 collection takes inspiration from outer space… Here’s the lowdown.

The galaxy of colours, tones and prints, are eclectic, vibrant and vivacious. We see a meteor shower print in tangerine and navy, and moon-grey with sparks of magenta. An eclipse print illuminates the sky with animated colours of sun orange, rock-candy pink and beaming white. Landing on the moon we see romantic flushes of nude, blush pink, pewter and dove grey. We see a milky-way of fabrics all constructed into feminine silhouettes; day-wear, chic evening pieces, spring knits and signature dresses.

Cosmic Love:

As the moon orbits the earth, a certain elegant silence fills the atmosphere. The stars come out to play and a vision of glitter is strewn across the night sky. Shades of marshmallow, granite and dove grey, form their very own romantic galaxy. The star closest to the moon takes the form of a gold mesh fitted bodice dress with pewter grey, chiffon drape detail. Romantic in its disposition it floats and shines in space. Nearby, in black space, are the distressed moon-surface leggings in pearl grey with an iridescent touch. Towards the back of the cluster, twinkling in its own grace, is a flower appliqué dress in mauve- nude with a pleated empire line. In its beauty and glamour this is the brightest star in the sky.

Meteor Shower:

The view from Saturn is one literally out of this world. A meteor shower starts spraying the sky in glimmer shades of periwinkle, azure blue, clementine, and moon beam white. Like slow motion fireworks, we see various shapes and tones appearing. A meteor printed drape skirt cascades through the dark of the night. A flame coloured dress with a spray of studs is seen in the distance; so far yet so bright. Nearby is an almond jacket with ivory waterfall chiffon panelling; graceful in its stance it resides near a structured, origami collar dress in ultramarine. The planets look on at this breathtaking sight.


As the moon starts its journey in front of the sun, the solar rays create an awe inspiring ring around the moon. An eclipse begins to form. Flamboyant colours of raw sienna, space blue, hot magenta and sparkling white shine out. From the sun’s beams, flies an eclipse printed dress with an Aztec beaded neckline. A cerulean blue top with mosaic beading shoots out of the crescent of light. The moon starts to uncover the suns glory again. As the sun mimics a half moon shape of its own, we see a pair of shorts with an oversized bow detail being revealed. These are just a few of the sensational beams that brighten up the universe.

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