Return of the Mackintosh

No i’m not talking about the super expensive computers, i’m talking about the Iconic brand Mackintosh which is fast becoming a high-end established fashion brand competing with the likes of Marc Jacobs and Lanvin with a new flagship store opening in London next week.

The luxury Mayfair shop will on Wednesday play host to other cutting edge fashion lines as well as its own collections and collaborations.

On display will also be vintage coats paying tribute to Mackintosh’s heritage and also a selection of reworked classics from archives.

Based in Cumbernauld, every coat maker undergoes a three-year apprenticeship to develop the necessary skills to work in the factory.

The 200-year old Scottish brand was founded by inventor Charles Macintosh in 1823 after he developed the process of spreading rubber onto cotton to create the first ever waterproof fabric.

Below sees Queen Elizabeth II wears a Mackintosh coat on a rainy day in 1953.

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