Ten things learnt from New York fashion week

The Guardian does at a great job at listing ten things we learned from New York fashion week.

1. We’re all going spotty

Or we will be if Marc Jacobs has his way. And he usually does.  We personally think dresses made from giant rubber circles and rubberised trousers sound like a recipe for considerable discomfort. We suspect a dark conspiracy with a pharmaceutical company specialising in talcum powder.

2. There is no description too silly for a collection

“It was a great mix of Victorian hippy chic in the jungle” said Sex and the City Stylist Patricia Field of Betsey Johnson’s latest show. With a straight face.

3. Handbags are a political issue

Why else would Secretary of State Hillary Clinton find time in her rather busy schedule to comment, “No one should make fun of anyone else’s handbag choice”. Is this the real issue behind the failure to progress in the Middle East, we wonder? Should the UN peacekeeping forces have Mulberry kit bags as standard issue? These important matters are being shamefully swept under the table and must be addressed.

4. Taste? Who needs it

Midway through Jeremy Scott’s eye-bleedingly colourful “Candy Flip” collection the techno music went mercifully quiet. But the sighs of relief were shortlived, as the guest’s eardrums were then bombarded with a When Harry Met Sally style rendition of a woman in the throes of passion.

5. You can Booker yourself a front row seat

Just when we thought it was all reality TV stars and Gossip Girls, who should make a front row appearance but Salman Rushdie? Why, you ask? We have no idea, and he doesn’t seem entirely sure either.

6. Facing an oncoming fashion storm?

Just follow the Anna dello Russo rules and all will be well. We particularly like her surrealist poetry on the subject of weather gear.

7. The 70s are still here

Didn’t like it last season, don’t like it now.

8. Segways are the new Manolos

As reported by Imogen Fox yesterday, this season NYPD’s finest and most fashionable officers are sporting them. Could this catch on? Will we finally have an end to high heel related moaning? Will Blake Lively ditch her Louboutins for one? [Answers: No. No. And, um, no.]

9. Public lifts are for civilians

At the Thakoon show in the ballroom at the Plaza Hotel, Anna Wintour commandered one of the two lifts for her own personal use.

10. Accessories? Yes, we’ll take 250ml please.

Another spot by Imogen Fox: “I’ve lost count of the amount of times that I wrote burgundy, maroon or claret in my notebook, at Victoria Beckham, Tommy Hilfiger and Marc Jacobs for starters. Which means that autumn/winter has a new trend, people: three cheers for boozy colours”

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