A gentleman should NEVER wear shorts

With the promise of warmer weather many men may be tempted to pull on a pair of shorts.

However, before exposing those  hairy legs to the world, a word of warning from one of the world’s experts in male fashion: Gentlemen don’t wear shorts.

U.S. designer Tom Ford says they should not be worn in the summer even if the temperature becomes unbearable. They are simply ‘never appropriate’.

He says it is acceptable to wear shorts or flip-flops only on the tennis court or the beach.

The source of the designer’s gripe is not clear, although there is little doubt that shorts and flip-flops are extremely casual compared to the luxurious clothes he sells at his own boutiques.

Ford may have also been horrified by the typical uniform of the British male in summer, a combination of football shorts and sports-themed flip-flops. In a magazine interview he outlined the five steps that are necessary to be a ‘modern gentleman’, which included manners.

‘I always open doors for women, I carry their coat,’ he said. ‘Stand up when people arrive at and leave the dinner table.’

Also, according to Ford a gentleman today ‘has to work’. He said: ‘People who do not work are so boring.’

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