Fashion to die for!

Designers can sometimes spend thousands of pounds on luxury fabrics for their clothes – but Jess Eaton gets hers for free.

While others may flinch at the sight of a dead squirrel in the gutter, Jess sees the makings of a Joan Crawford-inspired fur collar.

And where most people would scrape the bones from their roast dinner into the bin, she boils them up to make a necklace.


This afternoon Jess, also known as Jez, is showcasing her Roadkilll Couture collection at Brighton Fashion Week.

Her pieces, all made from animals that have died naturally or been killed for food, include a delicate fascinator fashioned from rat skulls, an iridescent hat made from four magpie wings, a billowing cape made from the tail of a sadly-deceased shire horse and a belt made from a rack of spare rib bones.

Despite the macabre source of her materials, Jess, 45, a mother-of-one from Brighton, insists she is not out to shock.

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