M&S steps into the FitFlop market

The first toning flip-flop sparked an extraordinary frenzy among shoppers desperate to get a workout while they walked. Such was the excitement that department stores reported sales of 4,000 pairs a week and many joined waiting lists for a pair.

Now Marks and Spencer has launched the first High Street version of the original FitFlop flip-flops – which they claim give an even better workout.

The so-called StepTone costs just £25 for a classic patent pair in red, black or white or £35 for the sequinned style.

They are significantly cheaper than the original FitFlops, which cost between £36 and £180, or the Reebok Easy-tones, which cost £46 to £60.

They are designed to destabilise the foot slightly and force the legs to work harder by engaging muscles for a longer period of time with each step.

But M&S claim they have now created a version which are 10 per cent more effective at toning calves than other ‘slimming’ shoes.

Oprah Winfrey swears by them, Nigella Lawson wore them to tiptoe through the tulips at the Chelsea Flower Show, and even the Sarah Harding, the fashion-conscious member of Girl’s Aloud, was been spotted in a pair.

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