Paul Weller designs for Liam Gallagher’s fashion range

Fifteen years ago, if Liam Gallagher , sneery face of the Nineties Britpop sway, announced he would launch a clothes line, that might have been met with a fittingly sneery rebuke: “You’re ‘avin’ a laff, right?”

Actually, that also applied to other would-be celebrity “designers”: leave it to the pros, guys. These days, you know the score with Victoria Beckham, average-singer-turned-megawatt-designer, and the Olsen twins’ kick-ass fashion collections.

Anyway, the Oasis singer’s Pretty Green line, which launched last July, surprisingly veers towards this nub of respectability, rather than, say, a Coleen Rooney for Littlewoods job. But then you can really see his is a labour of love, all slick polos, slim trousers and retro-ish bombers which ape the Mod era he adores so much.

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