Christian Louboutin Extreme Heels!!

I think I’d definitely consider myself a connoisseur of KILLER heels, but these just take the biscuit! Christian Louboutin has designed these corkers for a charity auction to raise money for the English National Ballet, their grants have been slashed by £2m by the Arts Council.

















Erdem, Giles Deacon, and Roskanda Illncic, are amongst the designers that have also designed one off pieces to support the fundraising shenanigans.. and what better way to do it??!! See below one of Giles Deacons heavenly creations for the cause..

If you have a serious shoe fetish like me then you’ll recognize them from Beyonce’s ‘Get Me Bodied’ video:

Extreme heels are not such a new trend, the late great Alexander Mcqueen released his notorious ‘Armadillo’ heels back in 2009, and were championed at the time by Lady GaGa..

If you’re trying to channel your inner black or white swan, then shop our collection for ‘balletesque’ inspired goodies at a brilliant discounted rate!!!


Happy Shopping!!!

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