**!!Sunglasses Trend Alert!!**

Happy Monday people!

Square frame sunglasses? Soooo 2010! It’s official John Lennon-esque sunnies have hit the high street. Gaga has been championing the look, rocking hers since 2008.

We thought they were here to stay after a brief comeback in the spring, but Topshop have confirmed it with their 60’s homepage spread.

Beyonce has been out and about sporting hers for a few months now and I think it’s time that we all embraced our inner hippie **!! hippie dance!!**.














Definitely a HUGE trend this summer, and these pair rock ’em like it’s their job…

Think etherial maxi skirts, daisy chain headbands (http://www.newlook.com/shop/womens/accessories/stretch-floral-garland_229724852), middle partings and of course a pair of John Lennon sunnies! Feeling inspired? Yup, it’s time to grab a pair of chic round frames to enjoy the glorious sunshine in.. and lets face it, we need to make the most of today as who knows what will be rockin tomorrow!!!


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