Copy Cat Caggie!!!!

No more TOWIE, or Made in Chelsea, and now Geordie Shore is officially over too…! **!!SAD FACE!!**

Whether you admit to watching them or not, these shows are absolute guilty pleasure T.V gold dust!  And lets face it, if TOWIE is the fish and chips of the TV world,  Made In Chelsea, is the equivalent to a delicate caviar canapé! In the first episode of Made in Chelsea Mark-Francis stated that “High street fashion is never allowed under any circumstance…EVER” so I was shocked when I discovered these pics of Caggie who has ‘swagger jacked’ TOWIEs Lydia’s style… **!!GASP!!** I wonder what the Chelsea set will have to say about this!!!!????

Caggie 22, pictured above. I fell in love with the stilleto’s, big hair and over the top styles from the TOWIE cast, and the fine tailoring exhibited by the Chelsea set 🙂

Lydia seen last week, walking her little trotter, **!!aaww sweet!!** donning the laughing cow ensemble! You can’t go wrong with some shorts and a basic T-shirt, for a dressed down casual summer look… shop our ClostBox T-shirt collection here 🙂

Sorry Caggie, Lydia rocked it better on this occasion!!! 🙂 What do you guys think??!! Is it all about high st or high end fashion? Orrrrr is it all the same thing??!!!!


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