Maxi Dresses Galore!

Is anyone else as excited as I am over the potential scorcher of a weekend coming up??? **!!Happy Shimmy!!** There are still a whole heap of gorgeous maxi’s to get your hands on, if your wardrobe isn’t teaming with them already!!! The thing I personally love about maxi’s is they’re easy, comfortable, glamourous and ultra feminine!

I think this piece is pretty classic, it’s simple, bright and a staple in the wonderful world of maxi dresses! Oh and not to mention an absolute bargain at £19.99 from Prodigy Red.

We all know that florals are still a big look this summer, the delicate print on this dress is an instant winner for me!!! Yet, another bargain.. (thank me later ;)!) from Select Fashion!!

For a more dressed up look this piece is perfect from Aqua by Aqua, it’s sultry,sexy, and perfect day/evening cross over material!!!

I’m loving Aqua by Aqua at the moment and this is another dress from their absolutely stunning collection!!! Oooohhh and the bright orange just pops!!!

Don’t forget to snoop our gorgeous collection of Maxi’s 🙂 at ClosetBox.

This season has saw the revival of the midi-maxi dress, and I adore this piece for a fresh take on the traditional cut!!! xx

Happy Shopping Peeps! x

One response to “Maxi Dresses Galore!

  1. I love maxi dresses. The Orange one is simply WOW!

    I’m new here in wordpress. Do visit my blog! 🙂

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