The ‘Perfect’ Bicycle!

If you haven’t realised by now that a bicycle has been firmly cemented as a MUST HAVE accessory for summer 2011, then seriously where have you been?? 😉

Raleigh, have created a classic line full of vintage inspired bicycles. The classic bikes are nostalgic, stylish with traditional British design, and I for one think they’re tres chic!! Does anyone else have a slight urge to jump into a floral midi frock, buy some flowers and a baguete to pop into your basket, and go for a little bike ride??!! !!** cough**!! just me then?? I decided to put together some a la mode bike accessories for all you lovely cyclists.

These little pouches from POKA come in a range of colours to coordinate with you outfit… GENIUS!

It’s all in the detail with this chain cover, from POKA!! 🙂

Ok, ok, so I know this little treat may not be to everybody’s taste but you gotta admit it is definitely quirked out, if not a tad eccentric… maybe… just a little!!!

If you fancy taking part in a ladies only cycling event in the wonderous british countryside then why not sign up to Cycletta, and find out what’s on 🙂

Happy Cycling

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