Ri-Ri’s Brunette Barnet!!

So we’re all aware that Ri – Ri has had more than her fair share of crazy coloured barnets, I particularly loved her most recent raunchy red locks!!! Those big, vibrant, red curls.. and they were MASSIVE, were nothing short of hairdressing genius!!! Whilst I was still in awe of that striking red which seems to have swept the nation, this picture surfaced last week! Ri-Ri was spotted shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills rocking a new brunnette barnet
and was spotted again when she wore the same shade wrapped up in a chic bun paired with a sundress and sandals while shopping back home over the weekend.

It’s a casual look for the the Barbadian beauty and she still manages to look divine! She has switched up her look so many times.. well I’ve lost count!!

Who remembers the caramel tinged short look?!!

Then of course we remember the revival of the Mohawk!!


Not many people can carry off this BOLD BOLD BOLD lioness-esque mane… but of course she did!!!

So looks like it’s time to find that perfect shade of chesnut brown, if we’re gonna keep up with our Ri-Ri!!

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