Closetbox’s Sizzling Summer Getaway’s!!!

Still pondering over that perfect location for your late summer getaway??!!! Well look no further, as I’ve put together a few of my favorite summer hang outs!! And even if it’s only the rich & famous that get the luxury of hundreds of holiday’s a year, or never ending honeymoon’s like Kate Moss who was spotted on her THIRD (yes you read correctly) honeymoon over the weekend…! Us mere mortals have to make the most of our summer getaways!!

First up is Sardinia…

This exclusive little Italian island in the middle of the med has been a number one holiday get away for many A – listers!! Diane Von Furstenburg’s husband owns property here and there is even a beach named after her!! Nightclub ‘Billionaire’ is also a favorite spot on the island were you can find the rich and beautiful partying the warm nights away!!! The Beaches are ranked as some of the best in the world so its definitely worth a visit… Oh and how could I forget to mention the Italian **cough**!! MEN!!**cough** food of course!!! 😉

Second up… the lovely Croatia!

Croatia has been amore popular destination amongst the uber cool over the last couple of years… but seriously where has Croatia been all of our lives??!!! The beaches are to die for, in fact Croatia is so rich in magnificent beaches, beautiful bays, crystal clear sea, and everyone can find their own perfect beach… what’s there not to LOVE??!!! For all of you love birds out there why not pay a visit to Lovers island just off the Croatian coast…

Just as important as the holiday, of course is what you’re going to wear!!!  It’s the same story every year… you book your holidays and then realise all the holiday bikini’s you own are from last years selection, if thats the case then why not buy and sell your nearly new goods on Closetbox 😉 Wondering how you’re going to book up and buy new holiday clothes??!!! Panic averted…

This bold orange number is perfect holiday attire!!! 🙂 Browse our bikini selection here
Bikini’s all packed?? Happy hols folks!!!

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