“Gaga by Gaultier”

I’m an 80’s baby myself so I’m definitely team Madonna over Gaga in the fashion stakes!!! But there are new rumours circulating on the fashion airwaves that the man behind Madge’s coned bra cups will be teaming up with Gaga…  of course I’m talking about the legendary Jean Paul Gautier!!! The duo recently met up for a  double interview which was held in a very boujis conceptual space in Paris…. Jealous much?!!! “Gaga by Gaultier” the film where the singer is interviewed by the designer will air in the states in early September, just in time for fashion week…. naturally 🙂

Gaga rocking Jean Paul Gautier in 2009!!!

Madonna, originally rocking the look in 1992!!!

Madonna and JLP were a fashion force to be reckoned with in the height of the early nineties!!! So will JLP and Gaga be the new fashion match made in heaven? Watch this space!

P.s If like me, every now and again you get the urge to have an 80’s revival  then stick on your ‘Immaculate‘ album, and channel your inner Madonna with this gold quilted waistcoat from Johnny Blue Eyes on Closetbox.

It’s time to Vogue it!!!

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