Vivienne snubs Kate’s D.I.Y Beauty Regime!!!

It would seem in recent weeks that Kate Middleton can do no wrong on the fashion front, her trip to the states and declaration of  “strict self-styling”  has won the Duchess some serious fashion brownie points!!! But just when everything looked rosy for Kate, Vivienne Westwood, the Dame of British fashion said over the weekend that her look is actually  quite “ordinary”… Sorry Kate looks like you haven’t won everyone over 😐

To add insult to injury Vivienne later said  ‘She is one of the lucky kind of girls that can slip through on the not-so-perfect make-up front, but I do feel her eyeliner is a little dated and harsh for her”. The Duchess has been very loud and proud about the fact that she does her own make up, and even did her own beauty regime on her wedding day,

The 70 year old, pictured above not exactly going light on the liner herself!!! We still love you Vivienne 😉

I think Kate’s signature look works well for her, and pictured below at Zara Phillip’s wedding recently. I commend the fact that although she is now a royal she applies her own make up!!! Good for you Kate!!!

I love your look Kate!!!

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