Patricia Field for… Lenor???

The fashion goddess behind the wardrobes of Sex & the City, is teaming up with none other than…. wait for it… **!!drumroll!!** Lenor, yes you read correctly. She will become the spokesperson for the re-launch of their luxury infusions range later this year.  Field always does her own washing. ‘Someone comes in to clean my house’ she says, ‘but my laundry is my own. It’s my own personal world.’  And her parents owned a dry cleaners, so it would seem she has more in common with the fabric softener than I initially thought 😉

And at 70 yrs, the 5 time Emmy award-winning stylist is looking blooming good!!!

I was a little bewildered at the collaboration myself after all Lenor’s famous slogan is “Lenor Pure Care smooths your fabrics and caresses your skin.” There is NOTHING smoothing or caressing about those shoes from the designer!!!

If you fancy a pair of ‘KILLER’  boots (literally), get yours from Patricia’s site.

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