Fashion Stakes: Beyonce or Solange???

Hot off the press!!!

House of Dereon, Queen B’s clothing line will be launched in Selfridges, in London this autumn!!! The line is primarily designed by Tina Knowles (Beyonce’s mama… for those of you that don’t know). The look for the House of Deréon autumn/winter 2011 collection is inspired by their idea of a “city jungle” with leopard, snake and African rose prints, which blend “tribal cues with edgy silhouettes”. Prices start at around £80 for a dress… not bad at all 🙂

This is a sneak preview of the collection which is currently only sold in the States… not for long **!!Happy Shimmy!!**

And while we can’t deny that we love the big hair, and glamorous attire of the on stage persona that is Sascha Fierce, I have to admit I have a BIGGER style crush on her sister Solange, who always offers up something a little less predictable and more fresh in the fashion stakes.

Fashion critics have noted that Solange is edgier, quirkier, and more “about the fashion” than her big sis!!!

Solange rocking the ‘Colour Pop’ trend waaaay before the trend hit the mainstream! And below channelling her androgynous vibes, set to be a big look for next season! While Solange is probably used to being in her big sisters shadow, we think she definitely shines through on the fashion front!

Are you team Beyonce or Solange???

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