Alexa Chung for Vera Moda

When I think of Vera Moda, I don’t exactly think market leaders in edgy, Alexa Chung’esque fashion… Alexa who has just finished a campaign for Madewell looked absolutely darling when fronting the campaign! But news has broken in the fashion world that Alexa will be fronting the Vera Moda campaign **scratches head** Errm yes you heard correctly I said Vera Moda!!! 🙂

Above is Alexa doing her thing for Madewell, whom she also designed for, although there has been no mention of her designing for the upcoming campaign with Vera Moda!!! Now for the actual Vera Moda collection… somehow I can’t see Alexa in any of the following !!

This piece is available at Vera Moda online,

Their Autumn range is also now available at Vera, Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the brand asserts, ‘Alexa is the perfect choice for Vero Moda. We feel certain that the collaboration will take Vero Moda to a higher level and provide our brand with an added value.’  We’ll believe it when we see it 😉

Although it must be said that the collection looks way more delicious when featured on ASOS!!!!

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