**!! Autumn Trend Alert !!**

Ok so the last time a poncho hit the big screen was on the first season of Ugly Betty, and lets just say, it wasn’t pretty! So when I heard that poncho’s are going to be a key piece this season I wasn’t sure what to think, that was until I saw what the high street has in store for us!!!

Definitely one of Betty’s darker days on the fashion front! This outfit is definitely enough to fill anyone with dread!!! Today is knitwear day so this trend discovery couldn’t have come at a better time!

First up, if you want to blow the budget then this poncho wrap from Ralph Lauren may be the one!!! Inspired by artisan Native American craftsmanship, it’s very Pocahontas-esque 🙂 Get yours here!

I love this cream piece from Temperly London, it looks warm yet sleek all at the same time… Genius! Get yours here

Another piece that has embraced the native Aztec style print, is this gorgeous piece from Asos, ok I’m sold! Why has it take soooo long for the poncho to make a come back!!!?

Yes Autumn is here and it’s time to go native and get our poncho’s out!!!

 This darker poncho, is light enough for the early Autumn days, and the summer transition too! 🙂 Get yours here from Closetbox!!!

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