Westfield launches in Stratford TODAY!!!

When I think of East London in the fashion stakes, I think understated fabulousness! It’s raw, pioneering and definitely home to a rough edged bunch of trend setters!!! West London on the other hand is the home of London Fashion Week, this end of the capital has a much more high-end tone to it! Sooo when I heard that two world’s are colliding in the form of a Westfield shopping centre at Stratford City I was delighted! the Launch of the new shopping Centre is today… Yes TODAY 🙂

The launch events will include a performance from Nicole Scherzinger, a Look Magazine pop up lounge offering a range of beauty treatments, and lots of other juicy events, to scope the full itinerary have a peep here!!!

Like the Westfield in West london the shopping centre includes a designer brand area, and a plethora of high street stores to indulge in too!!! Ooooh they also have an All Star Bowling Lanes, and a Vue Cinema, unlike the West London Branch, if you haven’t checked out the cocktails in All Star yet.. it’s definitely worth the visit!!!

Happy shopping folks!!!

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