Mary Portas for Clarke’s!

For a long time when I thought of Clarke’s  I pictured ‘comfortable’, ‘ sensible’ !!cough*boring*cough!! shoes that didn’t really coincide with any sense of glamour, but the brand has recently been revamped and hit a £100m profit threshold for the first time in 2010!!! They’ve teamed up with the marketing guru that is Mary Portas, to ensure a little edge is added to their newest collection! 🙂

 The collection is described as being ”flamboyant in its colour and contemporary styling – will be, according to Mary, “designer shoes with a fashion edge, built with Clarks’ unquestionable quality and comfort.”
The range was the brainchild of Portas who has claimed to know exactly what women her age want!!! Well whatever Portas is doing she is clearly getting it right so far, she has been on the retail advisory board for the government, and Harvey Nichols, amongst others!

Yes the above beauties are from her collection at Clarkes… have a look at the full line, which you can pre- order here!!!

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