Vogue to Open Fashion School

Can you imagine the COLLOSAL, GARGANTUAN, ASTRONOMIC number of applicants for a Vogue fashion college??!!

The school is set to open next September in a bid to create a more diversified education system in the UK!!! I know one thing for sure… My lectures would have flown if they were taught by Vogue editors, PR guru’s, creative geniuses, is it bad that I’m jealous of these lucky students already??!!!!

Conde Nast Group, who own Vogue say that they will offer courses in fashion history, design, events in the fashion year, journalism and business skills related to the industry, all the courses will last just 1 year!!! Oooh perfect short and sweet!!!
Managing Director of the company Nicholas Coleridge said: “Conde Nast is perfectly placed to enter the world of education. The reputation and authority of our brands puts us in a strong position to teach and inspire the fashion and decorating talent of the future.”

The college principal Susie Forbes is currently the editor of Easy Living and was deputy editor of British Vogue for five years, safe to say the students will be in safe hands 🙂

She said: “With access to some of the sharpest and most creative minds shaping the fashion, design and interiors industries today, we aim to educate students to the highest level. It makes perfect sense for Conde Nast to open its college doors in London, the fashion capital of the world.”

Tis all very exciting!!!

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