Pink… the new Blonde.

Ok so fuchsia pink hair isn’t really anything new, but new model Charlotte Free, who was discovered by Dame Vivian Westwood has taken the Fashion World by storm!!! She walked in New York, London and is set to feature in various shows in Milan too! Apart from the obvious fact that she has pink hair to set her apart, she is unlike the vast majority of her counterparts as she’s full of opinions… which she airs freely via her Tumblr page!!!

After seeing her strut her stuff down the catwalk I got a distinct feeling of de ja vu!! Then it hit me… Charlotte certainly isn’t the first model to don pink hair!!!

 Yes our very own Kate Moss has rocked a pink maine, in both editorials and on the catwalk… Sorry Charlotte looks like Kate set the bar a while ago..!!! Let’s take a quick look at some of my fave ‘fuchsia haired’ beauties over the years!!!

GWEN… I love her! Setting the trend waaay back in 1999!

And of course we couldn’t talk about pink hair without mentioning … well PINK!!! I know not everyone can rock the pink hair look , but right now that bottle of pink dye is looking more and more tempting!!!

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