Rihanna Sizzles in Irish Countryside!!!

When I think of the Irish countryside, I see rolling hills, greenery, sheep, maybe the odd horse annnd Rihanna swooning around rocking a tiny red brassiere and a tartan shirt??!!! Yes Rihanna’s new video to her single with Calvin Harris! they were both warned that expectations are high!!! The duo promised they would deliver, and told fans to expect something ‘different’… Rihanna swanning around the Irish countryside certainly caught the locals by surprise!

Ri- Ri flew to Bangor, County Down, Belfast, and yesterday began filming the video for her collaboration with dance music producer Calvin Harris. She definitely proved she’s willing to get her hands dirty to get the job done!

Earlier last week Rihanna posted a series of messages about her new song on Twitter to nearly 8 million followers before the track was given its first airplay on Thursday. She Tweeted: ‘Btw I just HAVE to say a special Thank You for aaalllll the #MAJAH support on my first single WE FOUND LOVE!!! Hear it on iTunes if u haven’t.’ I’m overly excited about the new vid!!! I wonder… Will Calvin be sporting tartan, rolling around in a field in the middle of the Irish countryside too??!!! Hmmm… We hope he find’s a new field as the owner of the land asked that filming end earlier than originally planned when he felt it had become “inappropriate”!!!

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