Kanye West’s Fashion Show: Paris Fashion Week!!!

Everybody has been awaiting the debut of Kanye’s fashion collection entitled DW, and yes the hottest ticket in Paris over the weekend was to catch a glimpse of the hip hop star’s first ever fashion line!!! Some may argue it was a little presumptuous to reveal his first range at Paris Fashion show but I think it showed real fashion gumption! The show itself has received well errm *cough* mixed reviews!

Some of the fashion critics were VERY harsh!!! One editor compared it to having an MRI scan *OUCH*, another tweeted saying that she was ‘still laughing at the Kanye show #MESS’, while one was overheard saying it was like bad prostitute clothes, and the general consensus was that Mr West should stick to what he does best and leave fashion be. The collection itself consisted of what some fashionistas described as arctic wear… Maybe someone forgot to tell Kanye the collection is for Spring/Summer’ 12!!!

Heavy leather and fur gave the line a real winter feel 😐

Annnnnnd more fur!

The collection also included confusing hooded dresses!

 The FROW included the singer’s close friends Lindsay Lohan and Ciara! Who both supported Kanye’s range… Sooo guys, what’s the verdict on Kanye’s first line???

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