All eye’s on Chanel!!!

I’ve always been in awe of Karl Lagerfield, not just because he is the peculiar creative mastermind designer behind some of the most beautiful items in the fashion world but also because on a more personal level he’s pretty crazy!! For example one of his quirkiest tweets read “Believe it or not, I love rap.” … who would of thought it?! so random!  Anyhoo’s I digress, onto more pressing issues! The Chanel S/S’12 show at Paris Fashion Week!!! The runway yet another brlliant brainchild of Karl Lagerfield and this year is an underwater wonderland 🙂

The invitation although wasn’t as well erm elegant as some might think!!!

The man himself earlier this year at the resort show,

The show will be taking place later this afternoon, the whole of Paris (the birthplace of the fashion house) is talking about this years show!!! Eeek! Cannot wait to see what goes strutting down the catwalk this year!!!

One response to “All eye’s on Chanel!!!

  1. the chanel show was beautiful! i just saw everyone tweeting about it, i love the soft seafoam colours! gorgeous!

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