New STYLE Crush!!!

Downton Abbey… YES I’m going to keep harping on about this fantastic show for the entire season (possibly even after that)!!! On that note I’d like to announce my new STYLE crush… Well of course it’s the bloomin gorgeous Jessica Brown Findlay! (ahem… Lady Sybil in Downton Abbey)! You know how there’s always

Pictured above in a recent photo shoot with Vogue UK, looking absolutely divine!

Pictured above on set in Downton Abbey, donning another fabulous vintage costume piece!  Brown-Findlay went on to say in a recent interview with Vogue magazine, “I am a hopeless romantic,” she told us. “I have always loved them. Ever since I was young, I’ve read Austen and the Brontes. My friends laugh, but those books are always so tragic and wonderful – those stories, they’re just incredible. To be a British actress and star in a period drama means a lot to me. It’s just one of those things, tick, I’ve done that now.” Her most recent project is an independent film where she plays a promiscuous 18 year old femme fatale who sleeps with her friends father!!!

Pictured above in her new Indie Film ‘Albatross’!

She’s been describes as the new Keira Knightley, and best of all instead of denying such statements and acting allll humble  Findlay Brown is determinedly embracing it. “I don’t dwell on it at all, but you’ve got to step up to comparisons like that,” she said. “If someone’s going to put time and interest into your work, then you’ve got to rise to that occasion. Anything like that is a massive compliment, but I’ve just got to get my head down and not get carried away.”

Who’s you favourite Downton Sister???

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