X-Factor Faux Pas!!!

X-factor got a little too X-rated last year and produces were told to curb some of the more the ‘porn-chic’ looks displayed by performers such as Rihanna, and Christina Aguilara! Over 4,600 viewers complained about Rihanna’s risque outfit last December, and even more complained about the overtly sexual dance routine from Christina Aguilara.. I personally LOVED IT! Anyhoo’s with this in mind I’m taking a look at a few of the outfits worn so far this season!!!

Rihanna and Christina doing what they do best… admittedly  a little  salacious for a family show!

If you were watching over the weekend you would have seen the beautiful acoustic  performance from Katy Perry as she definitely toned it down for her slot on this year’s X factor!!!

*awkward look* Ok memo to Katie… We said tone it down not turn it off! Although I am loving the pink hair brown roots combo! Next up are looks from the judges themselves…

Let’s just cut to the chase with this one. Tulisa… NO! I can only describe this look as well erm… weird! Kelly, yeah I suppose this is OK although I’m not blown away by it! Cute shoes though 🙂

I actually love the princess vibe here Tulisa, just peeped the shoes too! absolute FIRE! I think someone should have told Kelly we wore the mesh panel to death in 2010! But overall not a bad ensemble!

*Puts hands on head* What to say about this?!  The pair emerged from the studio on Saturday night wearing a similar bright blue! Not so sure about this one ladies! I’m sure this was just a silly mishap…

Oh No.. there goes Kelly in yet another confused outfit! Definitely DID NOT “put it down!” Don’t worry Kelly we still love you! I don’t know about you guys but I’m definitely looking forward to looks from the rest of the season!!!

One response to “X-Factor Faux Pas!!!

  1. There are some interesting outfits here. Never the less, the heels look great. 😉

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