Coleen Rooney Style Transformation!!!

The glory days of WAG Fashion is well and truly over! It would seem a new era of Essex specifically The Only way is Essex style is dominating the tack end of the fashion spectrum!!! One of the pioneering Wags  has for a while now being making the transition from chavvy WAG-esque look to a more sophisticated palette!!! Over the last couple of days Coleen Rooney  has been spotted out and about donning a very interesting a pillarbox-red lace Philip Armstrong dress. Pictures have emerged from Wayne Rooney’s 26th birthday celebrations over the weekend!!!

I personally think the dress itself is fabulous despite criticism from numerous fashion editors, although it must be said that the matching red earring, red gift bags, red lippy annnnnd the Loubies is a definite OVERKILL!

Oh Wow how times change!! A more low-key look for the wife of footballer Wayne Rooney back in 2006!!! I know 5 years is a considerable amount of time but jeeeeeez this looks like it was taken a lifetime ago… literally!

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