Victoria Beckham See’s Sales Soar!!!

As Sales for Victoria Beckham’s high-end line soars and she proves all of her initial critics wrong!!! When she first announced that she would be releasing a line of luxury dresses to reflect her personal style, the fashion world gasped at the idea of some ex-singer showing in Fashion week, but they at least had to respect that she had been working the fashion circuit for YEARS, and definitely did her fair share of networking.  And since the launch 2 years ago sales have soared and the fashion house reportedly made £15 million in the first 3 months of the year!!!!!!! And as if that isn’t fantastic enough the label is set to rake in £60 million by the end of the year! Oohh everything seems to be going brilliantly for Mrs Beckham, finally this year she gave birth to a little girl (something she always wanted), and whilst being a very hands on full-time mom is building a mammoth fashion house of her very own!!!!

Above is the fashionista, donning one of her own designs at the end of her runway show!!!

Cheryl Cole looking very sophisticated in a floor length gown!!!

Kate flaunting her curves in her singledom renaissance , stunning!!!

Kim K again proved that you CAN have junk in your trunk and rock a Beckham gown looking tres chic! 

Mila Kunis looking very angelic in white!!!

The navy blue on her gorgeous Latina tone works wonderfully!

A definite seal of approval for any budding designer is when high fashion model wears your garments!!!

A youthful looking Demi rocks a more demure look!

I personally love the line’s she has previously released, and you can honestly see Victoria in most of the designs!!! So ladies and gents, how do you rate Vicki B’s range?!!

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