Heidi Klum’s Best Halloween Outfits!!!!

Any occasion to wear something crazy, kooky and just downright wacky is my kind of thing, so you can imagine Halloween is right up my street and actually one of my favorite times of year!!! This year while seeking my inspiration for my Halloween outfit I got totally stuck for ideas… Heidi Klum is one celeb who always GOES CRAZY for Halloween and never disappoints fellow celebs at her annual Halloween party, anyone who is anyone from the hollywood set know that this bash held in New York City is the only place to be in  at this time of year!!!

Here are some of my favourite Heidi Klum’s off the wall Halloween looks!!!

You definitely get an A* for effort with this outfit as Heidi goes to her 2008 party as Hindu goddess Ginesh!!! The attention to detail, such as her red contact lenses which she had specially made for the event really make the difference!

Only in Hollywood can you justify a HORSE as your outfit accessory, Klum glams it up as Lady Godiva!!!

Is this not the sexiest cat in history in 2007, this outfit gives Halle Berry, and  Michelle Pfeiffer as cat woman a run for their money… the tag around her kneck read “If lost, please return to Seal!”

Who can guess what Heidi was meant to be at her 2006 annual Halloween party??!!! Yup the apple of sin… (Adam & Eve…ringing any bells?)! This was the perfect outfit as Heidi was eight months pregnant at the time.

Aaah Betty Boop!!! What an ever so juicy rump in that red dress too… Fantastic!

Heidi’s most recent Halloween outfit at last years annual party was a gigantic purple, and red robot!!!

For the 2004 party she attached a skeleton that weighed over 50 ponds to the back of her red witch outfit!!!

For the 2003 party, Heidi donned one of my favourite looks, LOVELOVELOVE the GOLD!

Lastly, just two weeks after giving birth to her fourth child in 2009 Heidi rocked up as a crow!!! Check the Loubies too!!!

Hats off to Heidi who clearly ALWAYS go the extra mile for Halloween! Feeling inspired ladies… what are your plans for Halloween??!!

One response to “Heidi Klum’s Best Halloween Outfits!!!!

  1. Robert Duensing

    I really love heide klum because she is pretty and has a perfect body..

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