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Rosie Huntington Whiteley… Ugly Duckling??!!

It’s always refreshing to hear of a ‘ugly duckling’ story, and the latest celeb to reveal her not so flattering teenage pics is a shocker!!! None other than the absolutely gorgeous Rosie Huntington Whiteley says she wasn’t always secure in her own skin (reeeeaaalllly?!). She protests that she grew into her features and only gained her looks later in life. Errm yes she certainly did, anyone hot enough to take the transformers role from Megan Fox is a legitimate HOTTIE!

 The glamazon features in this months Bazaar, where she reveals “I was a bit of an  Ugly Betty growing up”, however  that seems!

 The 24-year-old British model now headlines the Victoria Secret campaign, Loving the dress pictured above 🙂

 Pictures of a much younger Rosie above prove that her ugly duckling past isn’t such a myth, (although, lets face it we alllllll go through THAT awkward phase in our teenage years!!!). Ugly Betty is of course is the character from the ABC show, known for her kooky somewhat tragic style, which in the past has included multi-coloured poncho’s, and those infamous braces! although Rosie wasn’t the only one who got a makeover!

 Check out America Ferrera looking stunning! Clearly not such an ‘Ugly Betty’ after all!!!

 Rosie, has been happily shacked up with British actor Jason Statham for the past 3 years aaaww bless!


A GaGa Christmas!!!

HoHoHo and a very Crazy Christmas to yooouuu!!! Yes ladies & gents Lady Gaga took over the traditional grotto area of legendary New York department store, Barneys, she began proceedings by cutting the ribbon to the store, all observed by cheering of fans! The celebrations included; large inflatable claw sculptures, taxicab wraps and roving biker gang flash mobs… Sooo yes antics were as crazy as expected! The much anticipated grand opening of Gaga’s Workshop, included the singer giving interviews on the fifth floor amid the shop’s finger-shaped lollipops, clawlike stockings and infant-sized leather biker jackets

‘We tried to bridge the spirit of Madison Avenue with the spirit of downtown New York pop punk culture and create a space that had a range of prices — some very affordable gifts and some gifts that were more expensive,’ The glamazon turned up for the event in a white couture Chanel dress with Queen Victoria-style skirt.  25 percent of the shop’s sales are going to her Born This Way Foundation. ‘This would not be possible without them,’ Gaga said when talk turned to the patient fans, or as she calls them her little monsters outside.

Ahhh you gotta love Ga Ga who clearly has the christmas spirit in her! So if you’re not feeling festive just yet, take a leaf out of GaGa’s book!

X-Factor Ladies MakeOver!!!

Kelly Rowland still has the most contestants left on the X-Factor, after Craig left on Saturday (I know what a shocker riiight?), K.Row was left with 3 of her girls!!! If we’re totally honest about X-factor styling we all know that it can be a little hit and miss, but in recent weeks contestants especially in K.Row’s category have been looking mighty fly. Misha B, Amelia, and Janet started the show a few months ago and have since transformed into young women!!!

Amelia who only turned 17 recently was given a second chance on the show and voted back into the show!!! In a makeover shot taken this week the young rock chick looks very Pink’esque wouldn’t you agree?!

 Misha B has pretty much been a style diva since day one so her transformation hasn’t been all that dramatic!!! Loving the front bun/feathers combo!

 This young red-head has undoubtedly undergone the most dramatic transformation since the beginning of the show!!! Red lippy and heavy embellishments? A girl can’t go wrong!!!

 Awww! Janet at the beginning of the competition!

What do you ladies make of the show girl theme??!!

Beyonce in full Bloom!!! :)

Beyonce was i n full bloom at the launch of her latest DVD yesterday, clearly not phased by recent scrutiny and detailed analysis from her critics over the size, shape of her pregnant figure and bump!!!  The authenticity of her baby bump came under fire after an interview on Australian television hinted that she was wearing a prosthetic bump. As she sat down during the chat with local TV personality Molly Meldrum on the Sunday Night programme, it appeared the bump got squashed. Just days later she caused another furore on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon performing with a flat stomach: only to explain that it was pre-recorded… In your face critics!!! She looked positively glowing wearing a gorgeous sweeping floor-length gown with delicate gold embellishment!!!

Queen B got comfortable and answered questions from her loving fans after the initial airing of the DVD, unseen footage on the DVD is said to have moments from the stars wedding preparations, and never seen before pics of her dress!!!

Earlier this month the singer and her rapper husband took delivery of a $5000 Swarovski crystal-studded baby bath from her former Destiny’s Child bandmate turned X Factor judge Kelly Rowland. The 3,000lb porcelain tub is studded with 44,928 crystals that Californian interior designer Lori Gardner spent more than two months applying by hand.

The power couple have been married for 3 years now, and I for one CAN NOT wait for their bundle of joy to arrive!!!

Friday Fix!!!

Ok It’s Friday and what better way to start the weekend Sometimes there is something soooo perfect on your feet that it really is hard to put into words!!!

Hot pink with spikes?? Say no more… I’m SOLD!!! These are a gorgeous pair by Sam Edelman 🙂

Colourful… YES!!! Sometimes that crucial colour pop is really alllll you need to brighten up those glum days 🙂

These bad boys are from newly launched label McQ (sub brand of Alexander McQueen) and keeping with the stud theme I’m in love with these!!!

More goodies from Sam Edelman, for the less rambunctious of us out there, here is the black option from one of my fave designers of the mo!!!

A staple in every ladies shoe department should be a chic nude number… This is perfect.

What would this list be without a boot? This particular piece of art is again by McQ!!! It is winter after all!!!

Ok ok I know the above shoes does not have one spike on it BUT I’m in love with these Dolce & Gabbana pony skin dalmatian print shoe, as we alllll know dalmatian is a big look at the moment so I just couldn’t help but put these in for our friday fix!!!

Get all of the above here!!!

What pair are your faves ladies??!! Let me know MWAH

Rihanna… Smoking Hot??!!

Smoking was glamorised in the world of showbiz and glamour a looong time ago, but obviously in recent times this kind of behaviour has widely been frowned upon… and rightly so!!! Well it turns out Ri-Ri doesn’t give a damn (what’s new? :)) as she lights up for her new promotional campaign for the of her latest single ‘Talk the Talk’ !!! In the past the star has always been out and proud about well, what ever frolickings take her fancy at the time, her previous video SnM was banned across British ans American music networks alike… She’s certainly no stranger to a little controversy!!!

Above the singer pictured donning a rather risqué number!!!

The singer has been accused of glamorising smoking and come on Ri-Ri I’m not sooooo surprised… Loving the hair though!

Rihanna has several more dates to play around the UK and Europe throughout November and December, and will appear live on the x Factor this weekend, expect a ravishing performance and errrm no smoking of course!!! 🙂

Breaking Dawn Premiere!!!

Ok sooo if you’re not a Twi-Hard like so many millions out there then quite frankly  you might want to sit the next month out 😦 But if you are then woop woop! It’s that time again… 🙂 YES on a red carpet in the L.A hills this week we saw the Breaking dawn Premiere, and of course the cast looked divine!!!

Nikki Reed Looking stunning in mint green Marchesa 🙂

Ashley Greene donning a sumptuous red gown!!!

white Lace, a slightly dated look but she bring it right up to tempo with those bloomin gorgeous leopard hells!!!

Whose wearing you favourite outfit ladies and gents??!!